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Indicative evaluation of the physical condition level

Harvard step test
You step 5 minutes at any stair, men 50 cm high, women 40 cm high, children 30 cm high.


  • Try some practice steps up and down. Alternate feet so step down with the other leg and step up with the same leg as stepping down. For example step up with right leg, step down with left, step up with left, step down with right etc.
  • Self test: We get to the stair alternately right and left foot at a rhythm of 60 steps/min, for 5 minutes.

After stepping, sit and rest for 1 minute.

At the beginning of the second minute, measure heart rate for 30 sec.
Record the result.

At the beginning of the third minute, measure heart rate for 30 sec.
Record the result.

At the beginning of the fourth minute, measure heart rate for 30 sec.
Record the result.

Calculation of fitness index (FI)
FI = (t x 100) : [ (HRz1 + HRz2 + HRz3) x 2]

(t = time in seconds, 5 min = 300 sec, HRz 1, 2, 3 = number of heartbeats/ 30sec. at the beginning of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th minute)

Example: male 45 years (300 x 100) : [ (70 +55 + 50) x 2] = 85.7

Below-average Average Above-average
70 – 90 91 – 110 111 – 130

Walking test of 2000 m
This test is intended for people in age between 20 and 65 years, who regularly don’t run. It helps to evaluate a level of physical condition. It’s performed on a flat solid surface or on the track circuit with a total length of 2000 m. Recommended air temperature is 10 to 25 ° C. We recommend appropriate sport shoes with soft soles and loose clothing. Tools: chronograph, paper, pencil. Use sport tester if possible.
Basic instructions: Walk as fast as you can, but do not risk your health. Go as fast as possible at even speed and do not accelerate on the end. Acceleration negatively affects the overall result. You can’t run. Once you get to the finish, press stopwatch immediately and measure your heart rate for 15 seconds. Heart rate measurement made later than 10 seconds after exercise can spoil the result. Multiply the number of beats 4 times (heart rate). If you have a device with chronograph and heart rate measurement (sport tester) write down the time and the value of target heart rate.
Do not perform this test if: you feel sick, you take medications, biological load index is 3.

This walk test is not recommended to:
  • Patients who suffered infectious disease, chest or abdominal cavity surgery.
  • Patients with lower limb joints disorders or spine disorders (osteoarthritis of 3rd and 4th level).
  • Patients with all diseases during which is increased physical activity not recommended.
Stop walking immediately:
  • If you feel pain in the upper abdomen, chest, thoracic spine, arm, neck or jaw.
  • If you feel dizzy or sick.
  • If you feel an irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath or sudden muscle weakness.
Distortion of test results:
  • Higher or lower age than the recommended limit;
  • Perfect physical condition (athletes);
  • Medication reducing heart rate (beta blockers);
  • Insufficient effort during the walking test (values of heart rate less than 120/min. in age between 20-40 years, less than 110/min. in age between 40-60 years);
  • Not suitable clothing and footwear;
  • Weather (temperature higher than 25°C and lower than 10°C, strong wind, rain).

If you are completely healthy, do sports and you have reached high above-average result in the walk test or your heart rate during a very fast speed did not reach the value of 120 heart beats/min, walking is probably not intensive enough kind of physical activity for you. You should choose more demanding activity (such as Nordic walking, jogging, bicycle-riding).

Calculation of fitness (FI):

Male FI (points)
=(420 – reached time in minutes x 11.6) – (HR x 0.56) – (BMI x 2.6) + (age (years) . 0,2)

Female FI (points)
= (304 – reached time in minutes x 8.5) – (HR x 0.32) – (BMI x 1.1) + (age (years) x 0,4) FI (fitness index), HR (heart rate in finish), BMI (body mass index)

BMI (body mass index) = weight (kg) : height (m)2:
HR – target heart rate
BMI –body mass index

Evaluation of the walking test:

Fitness Index (points) Fitness category
> 130 High above-average
111-130 Above-average
90-110 Average
70-89 Below-average
< 70 High below-average

More physical condition tests are: Cooper’s 12 min running test and senior test. You can find more information on our website



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