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Care for natural and cultural heritage

The principle of Health Tracks is application of exercising and staying in nature as a tool for regeneration of physical and mental strength and also a tool of a primary prevention of serious diseases, which has an origin in the long-time unfavorable changes in lifestyle choices, as for example lack of physical activity, nutrition disorders and increased level of psychogenic stress at work or in daily life.

Although man lived in close contact and in symbiosis with nature for many millenniums, now there is a significant increase of the use of nature and natural treasures with no respect to its regeneration potential. Human society has become a voracious consumer, who does not pay attention to protection and restoration of natural treasures. Impact of excessive exploitation of natural sources, industrial mass-production and waste production in time of global economy is ecological imbalance. It is high time to change our behavior to nature and environment radically. Nature and environment surround us and we are an inseparable part of it.

The goal of The Project Health Tracks in the Plzeň Region is to introduce the beauty of local nature to visitors of this region and to motivate them to use the nature in compliance with principle of long-term sustainable development. Because some Health Tracks run through areas that are subject to particular natural and landscape protection, please, respect the principles of environmentally friendly behavior in nature:

  • Learn to understand nature, be aware of it and respect its laws.
  • Perceive the beauty of nature and aesthetics of the landscape you move in, with all your senses. Never destroy it with careless behavior.
  • Move as quietly and inconspicuously so you can see and hear, but do not be seen nor heard.
  • Protect plants, animals and natural and cultural relics.
  • Camp only in reserved areas. Cover any tracks of your stay and always take your garbage away.
  • Set fire only in designed areas. If you smoke, manipulate matches and cigarette butts carefully. Never toss them in open nature.
  • Care for the purity of springs and wells. Respect the clean water.
  • Take every opportunity to do something beneficial in nature.
  • Care for the purity of your surroundings. It is a sign of being a cultural human.
  • Respect historical and cultural heritage for the generations who have lived in the landscape. Protect and care even minor sites, which are part of the landscape.
  • Be aware that man can only live on Earth in harmony with nature. If you voluntarily respect this relation, you will become a natural and cultural heritage guardian yourself.


This project Health Tracks in the Plzeň Region is co-financed by the European Union.